soundparlor_logo“The first song and featured single is “After Party,” which certainly could close out a night at the club and get an after party going. It’s highly kinetic and pushes you to stand up, dance, and “leave your worries at the door.” Next, “Brainfield” opens with a steady-flowing but heavy rap delivered over an entirely danceable beat, though its musical center of gravity is more in the realm of jazz peppered with funk. “Neva Comin’ Back” moves from a mellow intro into brassy horns, this time taking its vocal cues from rock stylings. The stripped-down, beats-and-rhymes “Spectacular” is short enough to be little more than an interlude, but ends up highlighting the collective’s core strengths. Skipping ahead, “Stand Off” flows right into the tempo-upping, party-restarting “Almost Let it Get To Me,” and then comes the more subdued “Chill Wait” to unwind the album (and, presumably, the night). It’s a long one–nearly seven minutes in total–and it manages to be both intense and chill-worthy, thanks to lyrics that are tough but smooth and choral peaks that are bright but restrained. “Outro” aligns with the laid-back side of its predecessor, signalling the end of the party with a final thirty seconds of instrumentals. Diverse and dependable, the cLOUD9 LP is the type of album a club DJ could spin from start to finish without changing a thing, and it’s a welcome introduction to the pool of talent that is Chicago Loud 9.”