“I’m ending this jam pack Spotlight Saturday with the debut LP from the Chicago Loud 9 collective. A band with no genre. Really. I can’t pigeon hold them. For ’cLOUD9′ does something most modern day records do…fuse hard rock & rap. Fantastically. Because you sometimes get rap with live instruments or hard rock with rap guests artists but Chicago Loud 9 makes it the core of their soul funk. Though I have never been to Chicago…dream of mine for sure!…this hybrid feels very grounded in what I imagine the music scene is in the windy city. Blues Brothers 3000xx could be a better example with nine musicians who bring rap, soul, rock, ska, blues, funk, reggae, more soul, fun to each track. Digged the horns the most.

I haven’t had more fun listening to an album all week because ‘cLOUD9′ is loud, ever changing, surprising, and just so much fun to bump. You’ll reach cloud 9, heaven’s gates maybe, and prop a seat. I’ll be the weird guy vibing in front who will be slowly going deaf. Turn your system up to ‘cLOUD9′ now!”